Condo Insurance

The Condominium Policy for a homeowner, covers many items, including: personal property(Clothing, furniture, etc.), building coverage(Additions and Alterations), Other Property, Loss of Use, Personal Liability and Medical Payments. These coverages can be reviewed in detail with you at Soper, Perez & Associates, making sure you are adequately covered for your condo. It is the Condominium Unit owner’s responsibility to established the desired amount of coverage. Even though there may be a Master Condominium Policy in place, covering the exterior and common areas of the Condominium complex. The Master Condominium Policy does NOT cover inside of the drywall of the individual unit, your HO-6 Condominium Policy does. Finally if a Condominium Unit Homeowner decides later to rent their unit out to tenants, it is VERY important to add Rental to Others Endorsement to your policy whether it is a Long term or Short term Rental agreement.

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